ISPS stands for “International Ship and Port Security” and is an international law of the IMO (International Maritime Organisation).




Who needs ISPS?
ISPS is mandatory for Commercial vessels (including charter & commercially registered yachts of 500GT & over & those of any size chartering with more
than 12 passengers).
ISPS may be utilized voluntarily by any sized vessel, including private yachts.

Our ISPS-System consists of the following modules:

YMG SecSafe Ltd. holds an Internationa Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) as requested by the ISPS – Code

A Ship Security Plan (SSP) is being customtailored for each yacht. This SSP contains all mandatory Security Procedures as required by the ISPS – Code. It also contains check lists and contingency plans for emergencies

YMG SecSafe Ltd. is operating an emergency hotline 24/7. The ships crew can contact this hotline at any time for emergency assistance. This also applies for the Ship Security Alert Button (also referred to as Piracy Alert Button). Our hotline is automatically being informed, once this alert has been released on board and will execute all necessary actions

YMG SecSafe Ltd. is providing a professional Company Security Officer (CSO) as it is required by the ISPS – Code

YMG SecSafe Ltd. is operating paper reduced. Therefore it provides the customer with an exclusive internet accessible software. All mandatory document exchanges between the yacht and the shore office of YMG SecSafe Ltd. are administered via this software

An auditor of YMG SecSafe Ltd. will execute internal audits on board of the yacht in intervals as required by the ISPS - Code


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